Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fruit Basket

I will be reposting an article which I have read from Manila Bulletin Online, and is also posted in the nueva ecija today blog.

This concerns an initiative from Mayor Willy Domingo which seeks to transform Licab's image from a 5th class municipality/wild, wild, west image into becoming the Fruit Basket of Nueva Ecija.

It was published in the Manila Bulletin on October 22, 2008, and it reads:


Fifth-class town eyes title as Nueva Ecija’s ‘fruit basket’

LICAB, Nueva Ecija — This fifth-class town is on its way to becoming the "Fruit Basket of Nueva Ecija."

This goal was set by Mayor Willy Domingo several years ago, but its realization came about recently when he entered into an agreement with the country’s top pomologist, Bernie Dizon, on the supply of certified seedlings and technology.

Domingo said he intends to have each of the 11 villages in his town grow one crop of mango and other staple crops that would serve as a sort of "designer item."

This is expected to produce income for the hard-working farmers in the town and establish a permanent, income-generating industry in his town.

Domingo said he is eyeing the lucrative international, domestic multiple-rooted fruit tree seedling market. "Who knows, we might yet make it ‘Fruit basket of the Region," he said.
He said that Dizon will supply the town with seedlings of various mango varieties such as Guimaras, Sweet Elena, Chocanan, Golden Queen, Eating Green, Nancocman, Harumanis or Millennium.

Domingo also opted for malunggay and ilang-ilang for their commercial value.

Mayor Domingo, a man who has his own mango symbology etched everywhere at his four-hectare farm in problacion proper here, believes that there is big money in the culture and production of mango.

A visit to his farm indicates that Mayor Domingo savors everything and anything about mango. Etched in the middle of a swimming pool is the unmistakable shape of a mango. There’s a bust of a beautiful lady caressing a mango.

Aware of the notoriety that his town has gained in the past eight years as "a sort of wild, wild west" as a result of the many unsolved killings and rampant violent incidents, Domingo wants a change of image.

Instead of a violent character, why not a venture that would require all hands toiling to make a clean-cut image, and so he thought of working along his lifetime fancy for mangoes, sweet and delicious mangoes.


Two thumbs up to Mayor Willy for this great initiative!!!!!

More to come!


  1. hindi kaya si mayor ang writer nito.. hehehe..

    medyo madilim, masakit sa mata... ingatz lage...

    kay mayor.. go go go! Galing mo!

  2. hehe, mukhang hindi naman si mayor.

    but this is something that we can be proud of (kung magtutuluy-tuloy) at maging fruit basket nga ng nueva ecija ang licab.

    and the best thing so far is, kahit papaano eh may nakikita na tayong mga pagbabago para sa bayan.

  3. First of all I just want to say "MABUHAY KA MR.
    MAYOR WILLY DOMINGO!!!!! More power to you and and the towns' people of Licab. I hope you still remember me Mr. Domy Arca of Allied Broadcasting. I just saw in the ABS-CBN "Trip-na-Trip". Again, mabuhay ka and always stay in good health. My E-mail address:

  4. Hi Mr. Arca:

    thank you very much for visiting this Licab Blog.

    Even though im not going home to visit licab i can see in this website all changes in LICAB...
    More power MAYOR....hope you will continue and do more project to our Town....Fr. J Esguerra

  6. malayo na ang licab ngaun sa licab many changes...changes for development....changes for a beautiful Licab....Mabuhay po MAYOR....Mabuhay Licabenos.....More power......