Friday, February 12, 2010

Villar: Licabeño?

Could it be true that former Senator (and now Presidentiable) Manuel "Manny" Villar was not actually raised in Moriones, Tondo (as what it states in his commercials) but has, in fact, been raised in Nueva Ecija? has this interesting piece of information:

"There have been reports that Villar was not raised in Moriones, Tondo but was actually adopted by the Jalandoni clan of Nueva Ecija, known for their massive land holdings in various provinces in Central Luzon. When Villar reached legal age, the patriarch of the clan bestowed 400 hectares of land under his name. To this date, this land property in Licab, Nueva Ecija is under the direct name of Manny Villar."

Can anybody of us vouch if this is true?

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