Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flood Alert In Licab

Big part of the whole municipality of Licab is now in deep water, as people have started to evacuate in the Municipal Gym and High School Gym at San Cristobal.

Kindly contact your relatives in Licab and make sure they are okay.

Let us all pray that there wouldn't be any much damage from this calamity.

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  1. lahat na kontak ko sa licab, la na reply, kung sino may latest news, pakibahagi lng, last ka tx ko si nene t. abot tuhod na sa sahig nila

  2. Brgy. Aquino, hanggang leeg daw sabi ni Lot Calma.

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  4. The roads in the boundary of Zaragoza town and La Paz, Tarlac, in the boundary of Rizal town and Aurora province, and in the boundary of Licab town and Victoria, Tarlac, were rendered impassable by floods.